Scandimania. What is the obsession with Scandi fashion and where can we get it?



The Dane’s aesthetic, along with Swedish and Norwegian neighbours have begun to influence the fashion world for the last couple of years. But before 2015, did anyone actually know what Scandi-fashion is and what exactly does it mean now?

When thinking of what Scandi-fashion is, the mind wanders to a relaxed wardrobe while maintaining the act of sophistication. Nothing screams [it] more than a long line coat, a solid pair of form-fitting jeans and basic flat shoes. Think minimalist interior design, the simple straight lines and block colours that effortlessly balance together. That’s Scandi fashion.

What Scandi fashion tends to do well is the ability to make a woman feel comfortable, but also sophisticated. A woman may want to be herself, but she also has to work a 9-5 job – so what’s stopping the basics become sophisticated? It highlights that relaxed fashion doesn’t have to mean streetwear.

But it hasn’t just been recently that we have become obsessed. Scandi-fashion has been around for a while now, and it hasn't exactly been hiding behind the closed doors. 

Back in 2011 the rise of Acne Studios led the fashion industry by the hand. Founded in 1996, the Swedish fashion brand pushed minimalist fashion into the reach of luxury. Acne Studios has become known for its accessories, footwear and great denim; it beats to the drum of everything that Scandi-fashion is. 

Acne Studios continues to show off to the minimalist luxury to the fashion industry, so who should we be looking out for and who is taking the frontline for Scandic-Style?

Recently coming to the forefront thanks to the marketing tool of fashion bloggers and frowers [that means those that sit in the front row of fashion shows] is GANNI. The Danish fashion brand hails from the epi-centre of Copenhagen. What is surprising about GANNI is that for Scandi-fashion, the clothes seems to be the affordable version from the back of IT girls.

But what stands out most, is that it is playful with the label cast upon it. It doesn’t hold tight to the severe minimalism that most brands [under the genre] do, it has an off kilter colour palate which is often not seen through everything Scandi. 

Some may say that the true difference between Swedish style and Danish style, is that the Danes are more playful with the minimalism that sticks true to the genre. Danish brands seem to up the scale with colour and the playfulness with cut and lines. 

What GANNI seems to show off best is its versatility throughout the seasons. It seems that their knitwear is what stands out the best through their last collection. Scandi-fashion pushes the versatility of knitwear and layering, focusing on the cut. The best-seller from last season was the Julliard Mohair Pullover seen on most fashion bloggers across the UK and Europe. 

GANNI has taken the blogging world by storm, most fashion bloggers have the noticeable “Cherry Bomb” t-shirt. If you want to make an impression and get your hand on this seasons best-seller, you can buy the shirt here.

It seems that English fashion designers are gaining inspiration from Scandinavia. Looking at where some of the inspiration has gone to we only need to look towards House of Sunny. The British version of Scandi-fashion. Recently making its way into Topshop, after its stint with ASOS, it seems that House of Sunny is making its way around to something big.

The East-London business, House of Sunny, aims make everyday pieces which stand out from others. The minimalist concept is evolving into street-wear. The previous season at House of Sunny may have been predominantly monochrome and stuck to thicker fabrics, the current season moves its colour palate moreover to yellows and reds. 

The world, in every aspect, cannot get enough of the Scandinavian spirit. From fashion, interior design and let’s not begin to mention the spirit of hygge is taking over (that’s to come in another article.)

What do you think? Are you impressed by Scandi-fashion? Or have you had enough of the spirit of Scandinavia? Let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you.