The French Girl doesn't 'Effortlessly dress', nor does she 'Frow'. Don't understand? Neither do I

PHOTOGRAPH: @carodemaigret

PHOTOGRAPH: @carodemaigret

The fast paced world of fashion doesn’t stop for anyone. Continually developing with each season, if you blink you will be left behind from the trends and no longer what the industry need. It is a constant upheaval to know what is in and what is not. Not just in fashion terms, but the language that just keeps evolving. Soon you will need a fashion dictionary to understand what anyone is really saying.

Although this does add to the crazed other-worldly aspect of the industry. But some buzzwords just need to be stopped.


How many times can we read an article about the 'French girl’. About how the allusive individual doesn’t care about anyone else, and merely how they are mythical fashion butterflies of the world.

The constant injection from journalists and bloggers, feeding from the hands of the one-time photographed French woman. And we hate to break it to you. They aren’t any different from anyone else.

Please can we stop type-casting every French woman with the same self-image. The industry feels it necessary to obsessively inject us with the impossible ideal of what a 'French Girl' does and is. Magazines believe that even when it comes to crossing the road, the 'French Girl' does it better.

This impossible and fetishized image of a French woman can be found everywhere. If there is an image of young woman with tousled hair and natural beauty – she is definitely French. The ultimate true beauty of the world that everyone must strive for. 

The fashion media is providing a myriad of unnecessary typecasting through all mediums. There are an abundance of books, videos and blog series on tips on how to act French. Even though you aren’t, or have never set foot on French soil.

Even those who are Parisian, don’t even fit in with this stereotype.

Glossy magazines and websites seem to believe that every woman who happens to live in Paris wears sheer dresses and carries wicker baskets – and the only song that plays through the cobbled streets of Paris is Le temps de l’amour.

According to Vogue, if you haven’t Googled “French hair” once in your life you are in the minority.

The French girl dresses differently to everyone else, she eats with a sense of chic [if that is even possible] and even the way she dresses to go to the gym is the only way. 

It is a continuous juxtaposition on the modern views of women. It is an old-fashioned way to see woman. This being that a woman should be beautiful, but she should not want to get any attention for this. She should simply belong in society, but be allusive at the same time.

This contradiction believes that the French woman should be thin, but also love food at the same time. It is impossible to keep up with what should be. 

But we shouldn’t demonise French women for this. Parisian model, Caroline de Maigret, has written a guideline on How to be Parisian, however non-French women are demanding these guidelines. 

We might be able to read how to be perfect due to the fake beauty standards of the stereotype, and assimilate the outfits of Jane Birkin, Bridget Bardot and Vanessa Paradis. But we shouldn’t feel rejected if you can’t or don’t want to achieve this either.

“6 Perfumes Every French Woman Has Owned At least Once in Her Life”

“How to Do Valentine’s Day Like a French Girl”

The numerous videos on the site push the differences between woman. How Americans don’t drink Coffee like the French, and how the English woman doesn’t cross the road like the French.

But it shouldn’t matter where you are from, it is just another buzz-word sensation that is creating an unrealistic image and persona of a woman. And let’s just face it, Parisian women are probably pissed off at it too.

The French girl obsession will continue as longs as there is a demand for it.

But the buzzword leads me onto the next; something which the French Girl is oh-so great at, and this is how to dress effortlessly.


Before we even begin to deconstruct the buzzword itself. Let’s first assess and state that nobody dresses effortlessly.

Those who are trying to squeeze themselves into the mould of being a French girl probably have the same wardrobe hissy fit more than anyone else. ‘Effortlessly dressing’ doesn’t exist and never has done.

You might believe that Alexa Chung chucks on those denim shorts in the morning and pulls on a knit from her wardrobe, because she is so busy with her life– but she doesn’t. It is all trend-forecasted by the team that is behind her and it is certainly not a last minute thought.

It is all created beforehand, linked in with the idea that she is most certainly going to be photographed, and therefore designers want her to be photographed in their clothes. It's a huge marketting strategy by designers. 

The idea that low-maintenance is ‘cool’ and essentially caring about what you look like isn't, should be something that you should steer away from. The shame that is put on girls for conducting yourself is damaging and everyone who reads about how to look effortless.

Most of these women and men, who are claimed to dress effortlessly do not happen to roll out of their bed and fall into their £600 Vêtements jeans, and then get on their way to their multi-million-pound career. It is all created beforehand. 

It isn’t effortless. The idea that not caring shouldn't be ok. You can be 'cool' by thinking about what you want to wear in the morning, and having motivation when you wake up. 

The panic of standing at the wardrobe is normal.


Slang is not new. With 'Selfie' and 'lol' now in the Oxford dictionary it is not unseen in the world. But the fashion world is always adding more slang words to the world, sometimes reading a fashion blog post you have to take some time to Google what some words are. 

The newest fad buzzword is Frow-ers. The current definition of 'Frow' is the description of someone who sits front-row at a fashion show, the most desirable seat at the front row. 

I can't quite understand why the slang word is necessary. Before 2016, front-row was ok to use, but now it is not. It comes down to the constant need to be in the know. To understand what the fashion industry is talking about, you have to be in the fashion industry. Part of the allusive crowd of worker bees. 

At the end of the day it is all down to being part of an allusive crowd, part of a secretive club. What the fashion industry wants is a french girl who is effortlessly dressed and sitting on the frow of Vêtements. 

What do you think? What fashion buzzwords are grinding you down at the moment? Don't agree with ours? We would love to know your thoughts. Remember to follow us on all social media and keep updated.