Copenhagen Fashion Week SS/18 So Far



Recently re-named the ‘Happiest City in the World’, Copenhagen proves that experimenting with fashion can be exciting and innovative. With Copenhagen currently being home to some of the top fashion houses eager to please influencers, it seems that the sense of the fashion industry is stuck on Copenhagen, and proof that fashion can excel strongly outside the reinstated fashion capitals around the world. 

What makes CFW stand out from the rest, are those who attend it. Fashion week is normally home to the fashion feeders who change three times a day for each show, although CFW is home to a girl who wants to play with fashion, colour and texture and isn't afraid to wear to same outfit all day. 

The designers in their early 20’s, made sure that they appealed to their target market. Creating a show that exhumed smiles over the faces of those who attended. With Danish diva, Countess Catherin Aleaxndrine Danneskiold-Samsøe opening the show in the highly popular Pink and White faux fur coat. The show was sure to steal the limelight of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

PHOTOGRAPH: Instagram (@patrikssoncommunication)   


 Before unleashing their full loving show on the public, designers Babara Potts and Catherine Saks stated the show was going to be:  

“a little more over-the-top than usual”

The house is regularly known for their faux-fur-filled outwear, including shaggy Pink long-length coats and Blue fax-fur cuffed straight line coats; more so than ever proving that the Scandinavian brands know their outwear and how to make sure that it is show-stopping. Saks Potts made sure they stayed close to their trademark outwear, which were reinvented for the creative catwalk.

Due to their transparent wealth of knowledge of their audience, which happen to be influencers on bloggers. Their inclusion of Mandarin dresses in Lime Green, with similar Gucci floral print, and in White embossed with the house logo they were sure that they were sticking to the upcoming trend of reinventing the 90's.

The models were accessorised with Orange-hue Polly sunglasses and painted with Blue eyeshadow. Trashy-chic is certainly going to make their way onto the high-street, beelining for Christmas and early 2018. 

Dancing bodies galore and trashy-chic increased with the soundtrack of J.Lo’s “Waiting for Tonight”. Making sure that Saks Potts created a fur-filled beach party at the beginning of August and it is that, that makes us believe that perhaps Copenhagen is the new city of fashion.

Scandi-fashion has been kept under a stereotype for a while. With the fashion industry keen on keeping Scandi-Fashion on a monochromatic palate with straight cuts and a minimalistic aesthetic; however a change came with the past couple of  years with many bloggers sparking a love with a bright influx from GANNI. 

PHOTOGRAPH: laiamagazine

GANNI has become the game-changer of Scandinavian fashion. Amongst bloggers and influences it has been the 'go to' wardrobe essential when the Autumn/Winter begins to show its face. With their bestseller, the Julliard Mohair Pullover on the instagrams of Alexa Chung and Camille Charriere, the house has provided a fashion phenomenon.  

PHOTOGRAPH: Instagram (@PandoraSykes)

PHOTOGRAPH: Instagram (@PandoraSykes)

With the year-on-year growth increasing to 30%, the house is proof that the industry is ready for a changing aesthetic from an already stereotyped market. Proof of this comes from their sales; with 45% of sales coming from Scandinavian accounts; the UK following soon after.

In their SS/18 collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week, Ganni proved their relevance in the Scandi fashion market. Expressing their colourful pallete through pastel hues of yellow and orange. What seemed to capture the audience the most was the use of graphic prints, seen on their infamous ‘Cherry Bomb’ t-shirt; their recent use of Bananas and Croissants adds to the childish character that GANNI implement.

GANNI made sure that their inspirational phrases proved their significance through fashion week, with the words emblazed over instagram:


‘Let yourself go. Got to lose control before you

take control. Be free, walk strong.’


In a market which embeds itself with the typecast of sophistication and minimalism, GANNI make sure to stand out and show the fashion world that a Scandinavian fashion house can stick to a sophisticated theme, but be playful within it.


With a silver metallic runway the Baum und Pferdgarten show linked the trend of graphic t-shirts with leisure-wear sweatshirts, toning down their image from previous shows. With past shows taking pieces over the top with implements of Leopard-print faux fur, the show made sure that the exuberance was still there, but the house is ready to take on another personality.

PHOTOGRAPH: Instagram (@ellenjohannarosen)

Although something that has stuck with the house from past seasons is their eclectic use of Dogtooth and Gingham prints, which has been infamous through the high-street for the last season. Although the house was sure to establish their movement into a more sophisticated style, the show stealing piece from the SS/18 show was a dogtooth print long-line coat with matching side-bag. Amongst all the extravagance the coat was a symbol of normality and wearability through the show. 

Baumgarten and Hestehave created a show which would be perfect for those that came out to watch, and those that were hash-tagging throughout the show. Those pieces that were created for the show were perfect to be mixed and matched with other designs from previous collections – making sure that the collection would be easy to re-create and provide an originality for the buyer.

Known for her menswear collections and specialising in Sportswear. Astrid was welcomed to CFW with her second womenswear collection for SS/18.

PHOTOGRAPH: Instagram (@nicolalifestyle)


What makes Astrid stand out from the rest of the designers, is that she creates womenswear with a sense of edge. Having previous history with sportswear, she is eager to create a range with leisure wear as a highlight for a women's line. Creating a feminine edge with the use of lace, but within a frame of a masculine pieces. This collection has been created from the back of her recent collaboration with singer MIA, in which Astrid created luxury merchandise for the singer

The collection created for SS/18 revisits her sportswear specialism within womenswear, however showcasing how [as a designer] she can adapt to what is necessary for the brand. With Sportswear becoming a mainstream trend throughout the world, Astrid has used a commercial trend to create something which stand out from the rest.

Silhouettes which have been adapted from leisure-wear were highlighted with floral fabrics and models were styled with lace veils, in the silhouette of Bucket Hats which were designed by Sophie Hallette; similar pieces in lace were seen through the show; such as transparent lace dresses under reinvented macs and cargo pants. 


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