The Biblical State of the Gucci Loafer



There is a great mystery to the Gucci loafer. It seems to have cropped up from nowhere, blessing the feet of all celebrities; but where did they come from? It seems to have been placed on this Earth from fashion gods. They aren't  just the epitome of what is on trend, but they also comfortable. Bless Gucci. 

After it’s 60th year of providing style and making men on Wall Street slightly more dapper and perhaps trustful, thats with style, not money. The Gucci loafer is not preparing to go into retirement anytime soon. As we all know, the loafer is having its continuous revival and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. 

With the addition of luxurious Kangaroo fur and conceptual embroidery, the loafer is transitioning into what was a smart and casual statement, to the show-stopping part of the outfit.

As someone who has always believed that the shoes are the most important part of the outfit, the Gucci loafer has proved to me that shoes are to never be forgotten, and almost definitely to never be chosen at the last minute. 

Before the evolution of the fashion blogger, and the oh-so recent influencer. The mere Gucci loafer was synonymous with English aristocracy and the jet-set wealthy Europeans. However, what we do understand is the price tag hasn’t fallen too much from the wealth-ridden jet-setters. But the concept of the shoe has moved to the pavement and forefront of glossy magazines, than the dusty paths at Ascot.

They have been photographed on the feet of almost all fashion influencers, and on the pavement of all fashion capitals. The shoe is taking on the new life of it's own, what we could state is that the wearer of the shoe isn't the true fashionista. 

The fashion blogger is not important at all. 

It seems that no matter if you are a fashion blogger starting out, skint and living back with your parents you will have a pair of the loafers – which could probably pay for the deposit of a student flat. The loafer has become less of a shoe, and more of a statement.

How can you truly say that you are a fashion lover, or a future fashion saviour, if you aren’t wearing the shoe of the moment.

Gucci have made a pair of loafers a goal. Many young fashion wannabees feel that they need to have a pair to show who they are; when you talk to any fashion blogger they state that when they have enough money they are going to get a pair; lets not even discuss how many will be bought as Christmas presents.

Whether is was an impressive marketing technique from Gucci, or just the influence of the moguls, it has been immensely successful. 

It’s not just the average flat loafer that are getting the spotlight, not that you need to be told. But whatever type of personality you perceive yourself to have, there will be the orbed hands of a luxury high-street employee putting the trophy on your blessed feet.

Whether it be Horsebit loafers, bringing back the 70’s influence in Gold, Black and Union Jack.

Or if you want to prove that you are the next fashion mogul they have them embalmed with Pearls. So you can bring out the true pearly king and queen inside to the street.

The shoe has evolved throughout time. Whether almond shaped or box shaped toes. Or when the heel height of the loafer was similar to women’s heels in the 70’s. You know what they say, the higher the heel, the closer to God.

Gucci have always made sure that loafers have always been around for those who felt it was necessary to have them. 

They are the adapting to the feet of fashion saviours.

Patent, Leather, Seude, Brocade, Embroided or Jacquard. Mid-heel, flat, open-back, sling back or driver. There will always been the pair waiting for you in the store.

The pair that have just been waiting for you. The ‘ones for you’. You can see the glistening halo above the shoe, mind the price-tag, once you get these on your feet the average person will flail at your feet. You are the fashion mogul and you own the world.   

What do you think of the Gucci loafer? Do you understand the hype of the shoe, or are you unbothered by them? Let us know what you think, we would love to hear your opinions.