What is it about Vêtements?



Vêtements is the anti-fashion brand that is taking street-style by storm. Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and the Kardashian clan are fans of the designer, often pushing their street-style out to the social medias. The infamous oversized hoodie from Vêtements has been on the papped on the back of celebrities; it is sold out in every store and online. The cost of the hoodie? Around £600.

The fashion brand is taking on the world, one collaboration at a time. The Paris-based collective was born out of a young desire to escape the fashion cycle; to create an anti-fashion. Head designer Demna Gvasalia, known now as the creative director for Balenciaga, has claimed the oversized trend for himself. 

Street-style has always been in the background of the fashion industry. With the rise of street-style fashion photographers and blogs like, The Sartorialist. There has been an immense market that has opened up to fill the blocks for those that aspire to be in the photograph. It seems as if it [street-style] has taken off in the luxury fashion business in the past 2 years.

Along with the establishment of street-style blogs, came the input of fashion designers created just for that market. With the likes of Yeezy being a dominant force in the genre and building the market, street style has never been in so much demand as it is today. Vétements is now the supplier for all that is street-style - and it doesn't come cheap. 

Street-style in original terms didn't mean expensive clothing. It had an organic meaning. Blossoming from the streets; it was a style that was an expression of who the individual truly was. It was an ant-fashion which gave the middle finger to whatever was the fad of the moment. Ironically, it has now become what it wasn't created for.

Most fashion bloggers back in 2015 wouldn't seen dead in jogging bottoms and a DHL t-shirt. Now it is the most sought out outfit in the market. 

The first inkling to luxury street-style came with Yeezy. The collection in 2015 started the trend, now Yeezy is one of the biggest fashion lines in the world. Yeezy Season 3 sold better than any of the first two lines and wholesale orders for Season 4 were the largest to date for the collection. This proves that street-style is in demand and there is a gap n the market for the next best anti-fashion brand.

Vêtements is the new established line that is taking the world by storm. So what is it about the line that makes it so commercially viable? 

Every IT girl and fashion features editor in the industry seems to be wearing Vêtements jeans. The raw hemmed, patchwork jeans wouldn’t automatically have been a hit, but now it is what we all want. It isn't just the style of the jean that has beckoned the modern girl, but the figure hugging fit of the jeans is flattering for all body types out there. Although, you might now be swayed to take a look at these miracle jeans, we must warn you that the price tag is around $1,399.

It costs to be cool. 

Another piece in the jigsaw to the ego boost would be the infamous sock boot. It isn't just Vêtements that have flown with the trend, but all across the high-street you can find the simplistic sock boot slouched, waiting for your hands to grab them. Seen in most labels the boot is the statement of last Winter. Vêtements made the sock boot their own. Their red boot is embellished with the house name on the top, and the heel isn't something so simple. It is a lighter. 

This sock boot can be found on MATCHESFASHION and is selling for £1,150.

The ability to create statement items that sell out within minutes prove that they are a house that are making trends, not following it. Thinking about buying their reflector-heeled boots, forget about it. They sell out within seconds of being put online. 

Now if you are an avid fashion follower, and obsessed with social media you won't have missed the intensive amount of collaborations that are happening with Vétements. They are collaborating with 18 brands at Couture Week. 

Brands such as; Dr Martens, Reebok, Juicy Couture, Levi's, Comme Des Garçons and Manolo Blanik have all been tapped up by the designer. 

The full collection of Manolo Blahik x Vêtements can be found on Net-a-Porter. Featuring 7 different styles - some many be appropriate for daily life [if you are a fashion mogul] or only if you are Rihanna. 

Vêtements is proof that fashion isn’t everything. It’s not the fabrics that are flown in from Italy, or the team of ten who hand-sew sequins or feathers onto dresses for 10 hours. It’s the name and the ego. This is how the house can get away with selling a DHL t-shirt for £100.

There is no denying that the house reeks coolness. It's the price tag that means not everybody can be cool.

What do you think of Vêtements? Do you think it is overpriced? Or do you think that this is what the fashion industry has become and you're unbothered? Let us know, we would love to hear from you.