Should Celebrities Endorse Political Opinion?

Instagram @kendalljenner

Instagram @kendalljenner

Celebrities are being used as marketing tools by fashion labels across the world, everyday a new celebrity is teamed up with a brand. It is a clever tool that is working well across the fashion industry, but does this mean that celebrities should endorse other factors of life? Especially when it comes to politics. 

The celebrity lifestyle is seen in every sector of life. Once you log into any social media site you will be aware of what your favourite celebrity is up to, what they have eaten and what they are up too next. Often, it can provide a connection between those that admire and those who are admired.

We can all say that we look up to a single celebrity, whether that is a guilty or not. When we think of that celebrity, we aspire to their life. We want their clothes, their house, their friends and lifestyle. Sometimes, it is obvious who your favourite icon is, many young children and adolescents begin to morph into that said celebrity. As the public, we are aware of their influence on children.

So when a celebrity posts a picture of who they are voting for, and a public opinion on a political party. Is this too much information?  

Celebrities are people at the end of the day. Everyone has the right to vote. Celebrities should not be limited to what they are paid for. Especially with the following that celebrities have, it opens up the discussion of politics for young adults and adolescents.

The difference itself is how the celebrity combats the discussion of politics, and how they bring across how they are going to vote. It is no different from how any person would broadcast their opinion. Pushing a certain idea or party on people is wrong; but educating people with facts and statistics is positive and genuinely has a positive impact.

Many people do have a problem with celebrities speaking out. Commenting on why celebrities care about politics when their wealth and privilege means that they are not part of the general public. But you can combat that debate with a positive. Surely if you are in that position you should be able to speak out for those who are less fortunate, but not claim that they are part of that group.

The UK has been bursting at the seams with the number of political events in the past year. It certainly hasn’t just been the UK who has been pushed to the brims, the US has seen the 2016 elections – it’s been a full on year.

We can’t bring up the debate of celebrities and politics without the B word. Brexit. Many celebrities discussed their opinions of Brexit, especially when it came to Instagram. Many creatives and celebrities did claim that they voted ‘IN’. But this does not mean that the influencers influenced more of the public.

In the lead up to the final Brexit referendum celebrities from across the UK spoke up for what they believe was their right. Celebrities such as: Cara Delevinge, Victoria Beckham, Harry Styles and Daniel Craig shows their support to the Remain campaign.

But it wasn’t just the Remain campaign that had the side of celebrities. Equally celebrities show their support of the decision to voting Leave; such as, Michael Caine and Elizabeth Hurley.

It seems to have become more quiet on the celebrity line when it comes to the General Election. Perhaps this is due to the backlash that many who expressed their opinion encountered.

However, we have seen a swing in who celebrities might be voting for this general election. With the likes of Stormzy, JME and Novelists’ praise of the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. But does this mean that this will have an impact on the results of the general election?

Instead of posting a simple poster of what they might vote. It seems that many celebrities have preferred to point out why they are supporting them, pointing out the strengths of a party. This way provides a true reflection of why they are voting, and gives the audience information that may or may not help them to decide. It is not a preaching statement, or a statement that is forcing a political party. This is what makes it capable of making a difference.

We asked our audience, whether they would change their opinion if their favourite celebrity had an opposing political opinion, and if they believe that celebrities should broadcast their political opinion.

When asked whether celebrities should broadcast political opinion, 71% stated that they should. With 29% stating that celebrities should not endorse their political opinion on social media. Additionally, when asked if they would change their mind if their favourite celebrity had a differing political stance, 44% surprisingly stated that they would change their mind. 22% said that they wouldn't change their mind and 34% said that there would be no difference. 

Celebrities are in a Catch-22 scenario. They are damned if they speak up about what they believe in, and, damned if they don’t use their position in society to provide a voice.

It comes down to the question. Do celebrities have an obligation to use their voice and educate?

Of course they do. Whether a celebrity or not the right to use your voice is more important than ever. As longs that the opinion is open and you are not being selective of information you have an obligation to speak about what you believe.  

What do you think. Should celebrities stick to what they know? Or use their voice to create discussion in households?